2016 "Zhongke Meiling Cup" bio-medical storage box Innovation Design Competition Award Cer

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September 20, 2016 9:30, in the Hefei University of Technology (Emerald Lake Campus), Building 3, Room 109, successfully held in 2016, "Zhongke Meiling Cup" bio-medical storage box Innovation Design Competition Award Ceremony and 2017 campus Recruitment. General Manager of Meiling Biomedicine, Deputy General Manager Hu Xiaozong, Vice Secretary Ye Bing, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering of Hefei University of Technology, and some school teachers from the province were invited to attend.

The guests took a group photo with the winning students

School - enterprise cooperation to create elite talent

Zhang Ping, Hefei University of Technology on the contest overview and the guests were introduced, opened the curtain of the General Assembly.

As a sponsor of the Innovation Competition, Hefei University of Technology, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Ye Shuji representative speech. While affirming and congratulating students both inside and outside the province to achieve excellent results, the organizers Meiling Biomedical also expressed gratitude.

He said that through this competition, to better strengthen the cooperation between school and enterprise, to provide students with more theoretical and practical opportunities for students to provide a better learning platform is conducive to building the elite talent.

Strong juvenile strong in China

General Manager of Meiling Biomedicine Qu Yaohui gave a speech on behalf of the organizers.

Qu always thanks to the organizers of the contest with the strong support of all participating institutions and teachers and students of the efforts, but also greatly appreciated the excellent sense of innovation of many contestants.

As the first domestic development of ultra-low temperature refrigerated storage one of the enterprises, Meiling biomedical always adhere to the "Made in China" to change the domestic market, a large number of ultra-low temperature selection of imported products the status quo. The innovation contest, the outstanding works of the show, let the total had to emotion "juvenile strong country strong". In the joint efforts of all young students, not just ultra-low temperature products, on behalf of a large country-style "Made in China" products, will appear in more areas.

No pain no gain

Qu Yaohui General Manager awarded the Grand Prize

Ye Bing, deputy secretary awarded the first prize

Deputy General Manager Hu Xiaozong awarded the second prize

Minister Yang Guangzhao awarded the third prize

Minister Ge Jiabin awarded the Excellence Award

The organizers and the organizers and the leaders and teachers, respectively, contest Grand Prize, 123 awards, awards and individual awards a total of 41 prizes awarded prizes and honorary certificates.

Grand Prize and the first prize of the three award-winning student representatives to speak. They expressed their gratitude to the Organizing Committee and their gratitude to the team and the instructor.

Outstanding award-winning works are always from the field research, three representatives have shared their product design philosophy and the team in a number of Meiling biological medical storage tanks of scientific research institutions to study the experience. I believe that both the Grand Prize winner or other creators of the work, only after a down-to-earth field investigation and study to understand the practical application of products in order to create more excellent works.

In-depth exchanges to find the most shining of you

If you are a horse Maxima, Meiling Biomedical is willing to do your horses.

Many of the winners of the Innovative Design Contest have a lot of low-grade students, but after the awards ceremony, they are reluctant to leave. In the subsequent 2017 Meiling biomedical campus recruitment, they saw their future "horses."

Meiling Bio-medical Qu Yaohui general manager did not hide his thirst for the heart, personally presided over the entire campus recruitment.

From business introduction to human resources, from the talent strategy to the corporate vision, he detailed for all teachers and students of the enterprise and talent development strategy. In order to strengthen the in-depth exchanges between students, the song also shared his own story of the school and graduate job stories, won the scene in the applause of teachers and students to do.

The end of corporate preaching, the talent needs department heads and students also conducted an interview with the intention to communicate to understand the relevant situation of students, a detailed answer to their questions.


The preparatory work of the school staff

Site teachers and students and business leaders to enjoy the excellent works exhibition

The students showed great interest in Meiling Bio-medical School

Students carefully read Meiling bio-medical products manual