▪ 1. Disabled: Check if the power supply is working properly.

▪ 2. Noise: check the refrigerator is stable;

▪ 3. Frosting in the box; whether the door is closed or open too many times;

▪ 4. The temperature can not reach the set value: whether the frost is too thick on the inner wall, whether the door is closed or open too many times, whether too many items are put in one time, whether the ambient temperature is too high;

▪ 5. E4: Check if the temperature is too high (the specified temperature is 18 ~ 32 ℃);

▪ 6. Filter alarm: power off, cleaning the filter;

▪ 7. No Cooling: Check whether the press is activated.

Note: The following cases are not malfunctions

1, power immediately after power, storage box does not work, which is the delay protection function at work;

2, the compressor starts, stop when issued a slight sound, is caused by changes in press speed;

3, ultra-low temperature refrigerator cabinet liner inside, a slight crack, is a normal phenomenon;

4, the second time to open the door should be more than 5 minutes, or hot air into the box, the temperature dropped sharply to form a negative pressure leading to difficult to open the door.