MELING BIOLOGY &MEDICAL ,is a joint venture which was founded on 2002 by Hefei Meling Co., Ltd. and China Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are located on Hefei Economic Development Zone, and belong to National new high-tech enterprise.

Our company main products included: Medical/Pharmacy refrigerator, Ultra low temperature Freezer, inventory rack/box, Professional Cold room, and Bio-bank management. We have the perfect service system, covering the whole China 30 provinces, 300cities, and 2800 counties. Meantime, we have gotten international ISO,CE,UL approval, Export to Europe, America, Asia and Africa market, more than 50 countries. The products widely apply to Medical systems, Blood Bank systems, Health systems, University,Research and Development institution,Biological medicine factory and Gene engineering, Life Sciences.

Our company owned the 5000sq.m.R & D center, and 60000sq.m.Industrial plant, and installed the international leading automatic production line, Perfect ultra-low temperature test center. More than 10years growth for professional field, we cultivated a high quality research and development group, and gained more new patented technology, Such as the “Mixture refrigerant” won the National second prize for technological inventions, and First Prize of China Association of refrigeration.

Our company haslogged on National Equities Exchange and Quotations on 24th Feb 2016, so currently our production lines are mostly in transformation, from “ low temperature equipment area” to “Biology&Medical area”, from “Terminal product manufacturer” to “Product + service supplier”, from “With technology as the guide” to “With technology as the basis, with product as the vector, with market as directive, with users as the center”.  Through all the transformations, we will supply the high-quality products and service for all over the world.

MELING BIOLOGY &MEDICAL , Caring about the life, Caring for the health. Sailing off for the life sciences!